Text Based
Adventure Game

Admin 26 jan, 2019 17

Text based adventure game

What is the purpose of the project?

An engaging text turn-based adventure game set in a pandemic.

What did the client ask for?

The framework for a text based adventure game that used the Lemur Engine back end.

The following features were required:

  • Player registration
  • A leaderboard
  • A single chapter of a story based narrative for the game with the ability to die or proceed to the next level
    What did we deliver?

    The Ramen Robot Disco Code focused on and completed three main areas of work:

  • The game system where players could register, sign in and play the game
  • Enhancements to the client version of Lemur Engine with new specific tags relating to the game and new player management pages
  • A testing framework to test the story narrative
    How did this enhance the client’s company?

    The client now has an engaging and fun text based adventure game. The solid back end is a great foundation for them to build mobile games and add new chapters to the existing web based game.

    As the clients need evolves The Ramen Robot Disco Code has been available to write new features and extend the system.