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Open Source Conversational Agent

An open source project, formally known as ‘Program O’.

We offer this as a free to use open source project, giving the ability to those with an interest in AI and chatbots, to create their own chatbot or text-based game.


The project was originally a native PHP project but has since been written in the Laravel framework.

The decision to use Laravel has meant that essential and common tasks such as authentication and data validation have been delegated to the framework, allowing contributors to the project to focus on extending the NLP and AI capabilities.

What is included in the project?

The project ships with a content management system to allow you to create bots, upload knowledge, monitor conversations and maintain your bots.

There is also a simple API to allow you to manage and talk to your bot from your website - though there is a simple interface on the homepage which lets visitors talk to your bot.

The engine follows the AIML2.0 standard which is the language that underpins other chatbot applications such as Pandorabots.

Extending the project for your own needs

Extending the AIML tags is a simple task. Allowing you to open up more features inside your bot. Follow our simple examples or download other user-created tags and increase your bot capabilities.

How to get involved

Head over to GitHub to join the fun or demo the bot here: The Lemur Engine

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