Accident Claims Management System


Accident claims management system

What are the fundamentals of the project?
  • Manage customer accident claim call centre
  • Maintain a customer case
  • Integrate with 3rd service providers such as solicitors and car hire companies
  • Custom reports
  • Call centre integration
  • Claim management
  • Invoicing
  • Secure file storage
    What did the client ask for?

    The client wanted a single system that’s functions was to be used in their call centre. Providing them with a way of managing their accident claims.

    What did we deliver?
    The Ramen Robot Disco Code made sure to cover all the fundamentals.

    The final project included a content management system to manage customer claim data from the first call to claim closure, permissions access based upon user type with 5 levels of users - call centre staff, claim managers, administration staff, solicitors, car hire companies, giving senior members of staff the ability to monitor staff workload and case management practises and more properties based on the client’s specifications and needs.

    We were continuously testing the framework to ensure any new features added to the system do not break existing ones.

    The system was handed over in full to be hosted and maintained internally by the client and their inhouse team.

    How did this enhance the client’s company?

    The client now has a fully functioning single management system that is personalised to their specific needs, which they can use to assist in their core business.