Software Development With Personality

In-house and remote development.
We can support your existing projects or develop your ideas into products from scratch!

Who we are

We are a software consultancy providing services ranging from additional developer resource in your existing team to complete start to finish.

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Services we offer

All services can be offered in house or remotely.
We can support your existing team and projects or develop your ideas from scratch

API Development

Create well secure and robust APIs to deliver the data you need to your apps, services and clients.

CRM Development

Rapid development of tailor made CRMs and portals designed specifically for your business needs.

Testing Frameworks

Automated UI and API testing to ensure quality assurance for the lifetime of your product.


Smart contracts, reading and writing to the ledger or cryptocurrency data and analysis tools.

Data Science

Data extraction, transformation and interrogation tools enabling you to spot trends and stay ahead of the curve.


Virtual assistants, learning and educational tools and website plugins, add some character to your user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact us any time for more information or answers to your questions

We can build your products using PHP, Python, REST API, WebSockets, Laravel, JavaScript, Vue.js, React, Cypress, RabbitMQ, MySQL, Nginx, Apache, Linode, Amazon Web Services: EC2, S3, CloudFront, Lambda, SQS.

We can provide you with a questionnaire where you can clearly define what you plan on creating or improving. The required functionality and the intended goals. We will convert this into a more detailed document so that you can sign off the design.

Depending on what type of work you require help with, it could be as simple as signing an agreement of work and letting us get on with it. But for full scale development projects there are a few distinct steps;

  • Discovery call
  • Defining needs
  • Project kick-off
  • Contract signing
  • Dev phase
  • Summary
  • Possibility of a long term agreement

Every project is different, some projects require a larger team and lots of time. Some jobs can just take a few hours. All prices are agreed upon and agreements are signed before work begins. Our pricing plans are divided into a few structures;

  1. Day rate - If you require extra resource on your team prices are charged daily per person per day
  2. Small jobs - Fixed price payable upon completion
  3. Larger projects - Fixed price payable upon delivery at set milestones in the project

We helped a client deploy some changes to their live website when their developer unexpectedly left and they were unable to make the changes themselves.

We worked with a client in California who built custom social robots. We used our chatbot software to power the conversational part of the robots brain.

Building products from an initial idea is the what that we specialize in. Our extensive experience and knowledge of each stage will not only help us to build your product, but also enable us to advise the best solutions. If you have an idea drop us a line here and let us about your idea.

We can help with the ongoing support of your applications. Giving you peace of mind that your product will be available 24x7.

You can check progress using our Client portal, here you will be able to check any outstanding tasks and monitor progress. Regular meetings can take place as often as you like (weekly, bi monthly or monthly and you can always contact us via telephone/email.