Data Management System

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Cryptocurrency Data Management System

The specification for this project was to create a simple and understandable way to manage cryptocurrency data.

Developing a system that can analyse and extract valuable information related to both the worth and risk level of a project. So that the sourced data could be used to rate and recommend projects to various client sites and platforms via a RESTful API.

We broke this down into five main purposes of the project, enabling the client to
  • Manage cryptocurrency data
  • Analyse trends in market data
  • Analyse sentiment across various social media platforms
  • Discover project value and generate project ratings
  • To serve data in an API to feed various front end projects
    What did we deliver?

    We completed this project through four main areas of work. Initially focusing on a scheduled set of jobs that’s purpose was to import the required data from various sources. The information was then filtered through a content management system that manually managed and verified the data. Then a consumable API was completed to be used by the client to feed the refined data to downstream sites.

    Throughout the work, the focus was always followed by the testing framework. Ensuring that any features added to the system did not inhibit any existing ones.

    How did this enhance the clients company?

    Upon completion, the clients’ requests were fulfilled and as a result, they now have a single management system that allows them to deliver content and data to various website and clients of their own.

    The Ramen Robot Disco Code has been continuously available to the client to write and develop new features as their needs evolve.

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